About EMBRACE Nederland

EMBRACE Nederland develops innovative music programmes with the aim of improving the lives and well-being of vulnerable people. We focus on multiple target groups, including elderly people in care and nursing homes, isolated elderly people living at home, people living with a form of dementia and people with disabilities. Our musical programmes are delivered by combinations of professional and amateur musicians, volunteer care workers, care staff therapists, and students. Our professional musicians have all followed the Master of Music module Music & Healthcare at the Prins Claus Conservatoire in Groningen.
We work with a team of more than twenty professional musicians who have all followed the master’s module Music and Healthcare at the Prins Claus Conservatoire, Groningen.

An inclusive society

Music moves, connects, brings people out of their isolation and endows self-confidence. Also music, and above all, making music is good for health and well-being and empathetic feelings for others. We develop new and exemplary classical music projects with the aim of improving the lives of vulnerable people. We use live music as an innovative driver for social change and a more inclusive society.

A musical epidemic

Our philosophy is always to seek out partners for our projects and programmes, thereby ensuring a legacy afterwards. With tailored trainings for care staff and volunteer carers we can give tools to encourage music-making during the everyday care tasks. That way we can start a musical epidemic in the care sector, where music is integrated into the care practice.

Economic effects

EMBRACE Nederland is creating new employment possibilities for musicians, particularly in the north of the Netherlands. We encourage young musicians to use their skills in new ways away from the concert podium, in the EMBRACE Nederland projects. Within the care sector, we can also improve the work environment, which in turn has a positive influence on staff well-being.

CityProms Leeuwarden

EMBRACE Nederland began life as the participatory branch of the CityProms Festival, Leeuwarden. From its inception CityProms set its sights on creating innovative projects in the care, well-being and education.
In 2014, this led to the creation of CityProms EMBRACE and then in 2017 to the creation of the EMBRACE Nederland Foundation. All of the projects and programmes in healthcare, well-being and education are now run by EMBRACE Nederland. However, CityProms Leeuwarden and EMBRACE Nederland continue to be close partners, as the festival offers a platform for the presentation of the work of EMBRACE Nederland.

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