Education Modules

HBO Master Module ‘Music and Healthcare’

We work with young alumni of our covenant partner, the Prins Claus Conservatoire Groningen (PCC)), who have followed the master’s module Music & Healthcare. This module was co-developed by Philip Curtis, artistic director of EMBRACE Nederland and is a teacher at the PCC. The module is an elective and consists of 10 preparatory lessons, followed by an 8 week placement, where the students take part in a Music & Dementia workshop series. They may also choose to take part in a placement in post-operative care. The students can then be invited to join the EMBRACE Nederland teams. We want to encourage and support musicians with a portfolio career to consider working with vulnerable people.

Collaboration with NHL-Stenden University of Applied Sciences Leeuwarden

Development of music technology for people with serious multiple disabilities
In collaboration with NHL-Stenden Leeuwarden, we are working to develop innovative musical instruments for people with serious multiple disabilities, in order to encourage conscious music-making and therefore to communicate through music. The development of this research is in the hands of Tjerk Dijkstra, lecturer and researcher Creative Technology at NHL-Stenden. With this development we are working close with Drake Music in London, who are leaders in the field of musical instruments for people with disabilities.

Flying Squads with the Kameraad FoundationThe musical Flying Squads provide musical moments for people living at home with the early stages of a form of dementia.
We are developing this programme in collaboration with the Kameraad Foundation and students of Social Work at the NHL-Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Kameraad offers support and help for people living with dementia at home. Undergraduate Social Work students work as support for the clients at home and in close cooperation with the professional EMBRACE Nederland musicians.
The students visit the clients regularly and can ascertain if there is interest in having live music at home. They discover the client’s musical taste and situation and they are also involved in the meeting between the client and the musicians.
The initiator of the programme is Karen Sikkel, psychologist and senior lecturer at NHL-Stenden and also chair of the Kameraad Foundation.

MBO MUSIC MODULE for students of nursing and care at ROC Friesche Poort, Drachten

EMBRACE Nederland has created a special music module for the students of social pedagogy and care at the ROC Friesche Poort school in Drachten, Friesland. This module gives the students some basic knowledge and tools in order to use music in the daily care tasks. The module was developed in collaboration with care providers, Patyna and Noorderbreedte. A pilot was delivered with success in 2019 and is becoming part of the curriculum in 2020.