Foundation EMBRACE Nederland

The Stichting CityProms EMBRACE was founded on 31st of October 2016. In 2017 the name was changed to Stichting EMBRACE Nederland.

Wessel Veenstra, chairman and secretary
Sander Baesjou, treasurer
Margot Hoiting, director
Philip Curtis, artistic leader

The organisation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under the number 6717 0722.
The directors of EMBRACE Nederland do not receive any reward.

Committee of Recommendation

Erik Scherder, professor of clinical neuropsychology VU Amsterdam
Janine Jansen, violinist
Kees Storm, previous CEO Aegon Nederland
Klaas Knot, president of De Nederlandsche Bank
Pieter Tuinman, lawyer
Roger van Boxtel, interim president-director NS, previous chairman Menzis






Margot Hoiting
Director EMBRACE Nederland