Zorggroep Patyna
Firda (voorheen ROC Friesche Poort)
Gemeente Leeuwarden
Vliethoven Delfzijl

Zorgplein Noord
Stichting Noorderkerkconcerten
Laurens Rotterdam
ZINN De Dilgt
Zorginstelling De Schakelring
Leyhoeve Groningen
Leyhoeve Tilburg
Plantein (voorheen Patyna)
Verschillende particuliere zorgboerderijen


Experiences Workshop Music and Dementia

“Mr. Bruin is clear, he enjoys and starts to talk better during the workshops. We also notice that the workshops really do him good in the department. He has a better mood and he talks and sings more.”
Healthcare worker after the sixth workshop 

Mrs. Baasjes can relax much better. Normally she is very monotonous, but during the workshops she also likes to sit next to another employee. She sings, her feet move along, she is more open. We get in touch with her much more easily.
Coordinator after the fourth workshop 

It is striking how calm the residents are during the workshop. They all participate. Some residents are better off with their words. They even tell stories, after each workshop they are easier to understand.
Nursing home location manager

After the sixth workshop, the residents come to the workshop on their own, sometimes an hour early. They become more accessible, more sociable and talk to each other more often.
Coordinator after the sixth workshop 

Experiences from Amders!

“It is my dream to become an opera singer, to perform on stage like a real star in front of a large audience….”
Kaleigh, contestant Anders!

"Anders! is incredibly inspiring to me as a professional musician. I regularly work in a crossover of different art disciplines, but this combination in particular was unique. It brings together a very diverse group of people from a rainbow of backgrounds, within a super passionate and talented production team.”
Guy Wood, Muzikaal leider & Componist

“View the world from another perspective. Take the positives from the behaviour of the disabled and the ‘able-bodied’; The power of achievement as perceived from within, rather than judged from without. That ’s how we all learnt. Self-confidence breeds success.”
Philip Curtis, artistic director Anders!