Interactive Concerts

We organise Interactive Concerts in residential and day care centres for people with a wide range of disabilities, from learning difficulties to severe multiple disablement. The concerts are based on a combination of classical music repertoire and improvisation. The complexity of classical music has been found to stimulate clients in different ways than simple melodies alone. The aim of the concerts is to improve the well-being of the clients and their contact with their carers and to improve their work environment.

We also offer the care staff a musical training programme to gain more tools to make and use music in the daily care tasks. Families and volunteers can also take part in these trainings. In-house experts such as music and other therapists and activity coordinators are also involved with this programme. Our work is suitable for residential and day care establishments.

Effects of the Interactive Concert programme:

For people with disabilities

• Improvement of physical and mental well-being
• Improvement of cognitive, motor, social and emotional development
• Better concentration
• Improved contact with carers and nursing staff

For the care staff:

• Improved work environment and reduction of stress
• Increased confidence through using personal musical talent and leadership
• Music increases work satisfaction and better client contact
• Through music the daily interactive care tasks cost less time and are more pleasurable.

What happens during an Interactive Concert?

During the Interactive Concerts, the musicians move amongst the clients and make personal contact. They gently invite them to take part in the music making by playing an instrument, singing or dancing. We make use of simple percussion instruments, such as lollypop drums, shakers, maracas and sleigh bells. The choice of instrument is tailored to the age and capability of the client. Anyone may join in.

Musical training programme for carers

The goal of accessible musical training programme is to offer care staff a set of tools to make music during the daily contact with the clients. During the trainings we encourage care staff to find their voices and dare to use them, and also to become aware of the sound environment of daily care.
It is not necessary to be a trained singer or instrumentalist to take part. However, some carers may already be using music on a daily basis, for example to help people to get up, or wash, or eat. We encourage these carers to become examples for their colleagues.

The musical training programme uses simple and effective exercises around improvised music, leadership training, observation and evaluation and reflection. The trainings are always tailored to the needs of the particular care environment.

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