Workshopseries Music & Dementia

EMBRACE Nederland developed the workshop series Music & Dementia to improve the quality of life of people with dementia.
The workshops with ‘musical improvisation’ improve the wellbeing of people with dementia. It improves their state of mind, eating and sleeping habits and reduces aggressive behaviour. After several workshops some people are even able to recall ‘new memories’.

The workshops and a series of trainings, offer care staff and volunteers a way of non-verbally communicating with people with dementia. This is very important for the work environment.

Want to know what a Music & Dementia workshop looks like and what the impact is on residents, care staff, volunteers and family? Watch it here:


What happens during the workshops?

The workshops consist of eight sessions. Every session is about three hours long. Firstly the musicians play a short composition that has been specifically made for this group. After that they create longer and shorter pieces of music whilst improvising and stimulate resident to join in.


Who will be there?

It is possible for eight to ten residents with dementia to participate. Three to five people of the care staff will also be participating, joined by three professional musicians. These musicians will have followed the module ‘Music and Dementia’ at the Prins Claus Conservatoire in Groningen.


Trainings for care staff and volunteers

A part of the workshop series is three specially developed trainings for care staff and volunteers.

These trainings consist of simple and effective exercises with improvised and composed music. This gives the staff a way to connect with people with dementia via music and singing. Participants don’t need a musical background.

The trainings are led by the workshop leader and a music therapist.


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