Music without Borders

In this programme newly-naturalized Dutch citizens explore their musical creativity through improvisation, based on their own rich, cultural and musical backgrounds. For example, Syria (the cradle of Western classical music), Serbia and Eritrea.
This project is led by EMBRACE Nederland newcomer musicians Jelena Veskvić (choral conductor and harpist) and Melisa Delgado (viola player). Music making is the meeting point that encourages friendship and understanding between cultures, not only amongst newcomers, but also between them and native Dutch people.

Positive effects on participants:

• Connection with other newcomers and with ‘native’ Dutch people
• Support with the challenges of a new way of life in a new society
• Personal growth through playing an instrument, singing and improvising
• Discovery and development of musical leadership

EMBRACE Nederland musicians are trained to give workshops for vulnerable groups. We work with Tûmba the information centre for diversity, equality and discrimination.