Creative music production for homeless people

In collaboration with ZIENN, the organisation in Leeuwarden that provides shelter for homeless people, we’ve worked towards a production that was played in the CityProms Festival at the end of June 2020. This was a co-production between Embrace Nederland, ZIENN, the CityProms Foundation and the Pop Academy Leeuwarden. Two years later – June 2022 – we did a similar project with a group of former homeless people who are located in Sneek. This time Embrace Nederland collaborated with Wender. The project was recorded and put together as a podcast (Dutch only).

The goal of both projects was to create an inclusive band or ensemble that can inspire and support the well-being and musical development of the participants. Alongside this we wanted to raise awareness and understanding of the predicament of the group.

The inspiration for this programme comes from Guy Wood. Guy is entrepreneur and Embrace Nederland colleague, He is also drummer, producer, teacher at the Prins Claus Conservatoire Groningen and founder of such social music projects as Drumworks, The Messengers and The Mystifiers in London, Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

Positive effects of the programme

• Improvement in the physical and mental condition of the participants
• Support and recognise the value of the work of ZIENN
• Strengthening of our philosophy of inclusivity: everyone is welcome, everyone has an equal voice
• The programme can provide an source of musical inspiration for a broad audience.

In this aim to create an inclusive and original musical ensemble in Leeuwarden, the creative journey is just as important as the end result.