Palliative Care

Embrace Nederland provides ‘musical moments’ for end-of-life care. These are based on repertoire and improvisation. The patients may also request specific repertoire choices. Flexibility is built-in. Our professional musicians have a wide repertoire straddling different genres and are able, sometimes at a moment’s notice, to play requests from a patient.

It is seen that such activities as music making and listening have a positive influence on patients and their families. Through the ‘musical moments’ it is possible to focus on other things than the progression of disease or the end of life. Here patients, families and care staff can enjoy the comfort, rest and joy of live music.

What does a ‘musical moment’ look and sound like?

The music making begins in a shared public space, such as a corridor in the department. The patients have already been asked if they would like to leave their rooms and sit close by the musicians, or if they would prefer to remain in their rooms, even with the door closed. They can also ask for the musicians to play in the doorway of their room, or even at their bedside. They may of course not want music at all at that time. All of these possibilities are taken into consideration before the start of the musical moments. The presence of live musicians who play individually for each person has a profound impact and the musicians and the project manager monitor this impact very closely. All of this is done in close collaboration with families and care staff.