Project ANDERS!

Inclusive music theatre for people with and without disabilities

ANDERS! is inclusive music theatre by people with and without disabilities.
ANDERS! is an initiative started by CityProms and EMBRACE Nederland.

Every year professional creators, young talent and amateurs create a professional music theatre production with disabled and able bodied ‘stars’ from the region.

On the main stage of the festival CityProms, in Leeuwarden in 2017, the ANDERS! project presented its self-created performance, with 120 participants, in front of 3500 people.
A new crew is working on a new music theatre show for CityProms 2018: ANDERS!2 We Can Be Heroes.


The making of ANDERS!

The performance is definitely one of the highlights, but the journey there is just as important for the participants.

During a series of workshops every participant shares their personal story and ideas. We put together all the material from the interviews, self-created stories and texts, improvisations, poems, compositions, choreography and personal stories.

The EMBRACE Nederland’s team of professionals consists of an artistic director, music therapist, choreographer, composer, mezzosoprano, an interpreter for the deaf and a circus act trainer. The team makes all the material into dramatic constructions, musical adaptations and compositions.
We create a special route for people with several severe handicaps: in collaboration with STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) we create some special instruments with connected software.


Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies

Claire Hodgson, director of Diverse City, and Jamie Beddard, director of Extraordinary Bodies, assist EMBRACE Nederland with their expertise. Jamie Beddard has Cerebral Palsy and is Clore Fellow (Clore Foundation Leadership Programme). He was also actor at the world-famous Royal National Theatre.
Diverse City has been invited to join Arts Council England’s National Portfolio for 2018-2022.






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