A musical instrument for people with a disability

Is it possible to create a musical instrument for people with multiple disabilities? Can it help them connect with their environment? Tjerk Dijkstra, Creative Technology lecturer & researcher at NHL Stenden researched this as part of his Masters in Health Innovation for EMBRACE Nederland. What attracted you to this EMBRACE assignment? After completing my studies […]

‘Music brings people with dementia into the here and now’

Severiano Paoli is a versatile bass player and a musician at EMBRACE Nederland. As a player of early music he collaborates with various professional orchestras, such as famous singer Nathalie Stutzmann’s Baroque Ensemble. He also works with modern orchestras. Severiano graduated in his native Italy, came to the Netherlands in 2013 to do his Masters […]

‘It’s quite a battle to get on the shortlist’

Sixty percent of people working in the cultural sector are self-employed. EMBRACE musician and oboist Kim Bosch is one of them. She works as a freelancer with various Dutch orchestras and gives oboe lessons. A few weeks ago Kim posted a message on Facebook about the workman who came to repair her roof. She discovered […]