Artur Jaschke keynote speaker symposium Embrace Netherlands

Artur Jaschke is the keynote speaker at the symposium organized by Embrace Netherlands on Friday, June 23, during the CityProms Festival in Leeuwarden. Jaschke answers questions including what effect music has on the brain and how to use music in everyday life.

Embrace Netherlands aims to inspire musicians – from amateur to professional – to use music as widely as possible. In addition to being a neuroscientist, Jaschke is also a jazz musician. He recently published the book Futures, in which he argues that it is “healthy” to improvise. He also appeared on several national TV programs to talk about the subject.

Alongside Jaschke, Griet-Anne Banga, Embrace Netherlands’ Research and Science project leader, shares observations and practical experiences she gained from Embrace Netherlands’ various programs.

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The symposium runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is open to a wide audience. You can sign up using the button below.