Embrace Netherlands seeks member of Supervisory Board

Embrace Netherlands Foundation
The Embrace Netherlands Foundation is a center of expertise that develops innovative music programs and training in the care and welfare sector. Our goal is to give vulnerable people a better life. We conduct our music programs in partnership with professional care and welfare organizations.

Embrace Netherlands Foundation is a growing organization. We receive contributions from multiple funds (regional, national and European). A small group of freelancers currently work for the foundation, and we have an extensive pool of musicians who are deployed on our projects.

General profile
The current Board of Supervisors is seeking a new member effective 2023. Given the current composition, preference is given to a supervisor with knowledge of the health and welfare sector and/or the social domain of (the north of) the Netherlands.

In the composition of the Supervisory Board, we strive for a balanced representation in terms of gender, age, cultural background, expertise, experience and relevance of the local and national network.

The candidate has:

  • demonstrable knowledge of and experience with the health and welfare sector and/or the social domain of (the north of) the Netherlands;
  • Experience with administrative processes in a supervisory or managerial role;
  • affinity for the cultural sector and especially music;
  • ability to interpret and advise on industry developments in relation to the foundation;
  • ability to interpret and advise on the position and ambition of the foundation within a network of relevant (governmental, social and private) organizations;
  • a good network in the health and welfare sector and/or the social domain, so that the management can make use of it if necessary.

Supervisory Board
Embrace Netherlands Foundation operates in accordance with the Culture Governance Code and follows the Cultural Diversity Code. The foundation operates with a Supervisory Board model. The Supervisory Board consists of three members and oversees management of the foundation. The SB oversees and advises on the achievement of the organization’s mission, purpose and social impact. The members are able to think with the management at the strategic level, where individual members of the SB can be advisors and sparring partners in specific areas. This requires members to have a certain background, specific skills and knowledge. Professional knowledge in subfields is important to the functioning of the SB as a whole. SB members are appointed for a term of up to four years and may be reappointed once.

Time commitment and expense reimbursement
This position is unpaid. The position requires a time commitment of four meetings per year, not including preparation time. Members of the Supervisory Board receive a travel allowance.

We would like to receive your cover letter and resume by February 6, 2023 by e-mail to info@embracenederland.nl. Director-Treasurer Margot Hoiting is available for more information at this e-mail address. The goal is to have the appointment completed by February 2023.