String trio ‘Fryslân-Mokum’ plays July 17 in Saxenoord residential care center

On July 17 at 3 p.m., the string trio Fryslân-Mokum will play pieces by classical composers, interspersed with evergreens from the Frisian, Dutch and international repertoire, at the Saxenoord residential care center in Franeker.

‘Fryslân-Mokum’ is a string trio consisting of Rob Faltin (violin), Charlie Senecal, (viola) and Edith Neuman (cellist). Rob Faltin and Edith Neuman are former members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The three musicians have played in several other musical groups in Friesland and at home and abroad.

Everyone is welcome; it is possible to bring guests.
Admission is free!

String Trio Fryslân-Mokum
Date: July 17 at 3 p.m.
Location: Saxenoord residential care center, Prinses Beatrixstraat 1,8801 DA Franeker
Admission: free