Councilman Kuiken fanatically drums along with Slagkracht

Leeuwarden City Councilor Hein Kuiken, together with policy advisor Lisa van Hijum, stopped by Wednesday evening to take a look at the Slagkracht project in MFC Het Mozaïek in the Vrijheidswijk. And it didn’t stop there: both participated fanatically in the workshop.

Embrace Netherlands has developed the Slagkracht program based on the English Drumworks. The goal of this program: meeting through music.

Slagkracht started last year in the Leeuwarder neighborhood of Heechterp-Schieringen and also started in the Vrijheidswijk a few months ago. Here, residents take up the drumsticks every week and get to know each other better as a result.

Because while musical development is a nice side benefit; the social aspect of the project is the most important. And that the atmosphere is just fine is evidenced by the photos below, among others.

The photos were taken by Jacob van Essen. More information about Slagkracht can be found here.

Project leader Mees van den Bergh spoke with Omrop Fryslân earlier that day to explain Slagkracht. That conversation can be listened back below:

Slagkracht is financially supported by the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, the VSBfonds, the Iepen Mienskipsfûns, municipality of Leeuwarden, Stichting Ritske Boelema Gasthuis and Het Nieuwe Stads Weeshuis.