What value does music add for people with dementia? And how can you use it as a healthcare worker?

How does music work? What is the added value of using music and making it for people with dementia? How does it affect their loved ones and their bond with one another? And what does it provide for healthcare workers? These – and more – questions were answered during Embrace Netherlands’ Music & Dementia workshop, given at the networking meeting organized by the Kameraad Foundation on Tuesday, March 28.

Philip Curtis of Embrace Netherlands.

Philip Curtis, artistic director of Embrace Netherlands, enthusiastically took the audience on a musical exploration. “Who here is a musician?” he asked those present. In the end, it turns out there is a musician in almost everyone. He pointed out to the audience the possibilities of using music both in the home and in an institution.

Embrace Netherlands has developed two programs to increase the well-being of people with dementia – and their loved ones. We do this with the Music & Dementia program(read more here) in nursing homes and day care centers for people with dementia and their caregivers. With Home Music Care(read more here) we visit people who have some form of dementia and still live at home. ‘Connection’, ‘distraction’ and ‘relaxation’ are beautiful and valuable results here.

Download the Home Music Care brochure here.