At Embrace Nederland, we value sharing our knowledge. We do this in the form of lectures, workshops or symposia. On this page can be seen an overview of past and future sessions.  

23 juni 2023 - Symposium met Artur Jaschke

‘What are the effects of music and improvisation on the brain? How and when can you apply this in everyday life?’ Organised by Embrace Nederland on Friday 23 June in Café Neushoorn in Leeuwarden.

In addition to being a neuroscientist, Artur Jaschke is also a jazz musician. He recently published the book ‘Toekomst Muziek’, in which he argues that it is 'healthy' to improvise. He also appeared in several national TV programs to talk about this subject.

Griet-Anne Banga, project leader research and science at Embrace Netherlands, also gave a presentation. She shared practical examples and observations she made at various Embrace Nederland programmes.