Slagkracht (‘Percussion Power’)

Slagkracht (‘Percussion Power’)

Slagkracht is the youngest branch on the social tree of Embrace Netherlands and is inspired by the renowned programme Drumworks in London. With this programme we aim, in groups, to increase social cohesion and to motivate people to challenge themselves. We do this in community centres – for adults and young people – and in schools and with other interested groups.

With Slagkracht we get to places and in neighbourhoods where cultural participation is not self-evident. By making music together, local residents, young people or students discover that they have unexpected talents and can feel connection with others. We at Embrace Netherlands work together with social neighbourhood teams and schools.

Programme by design

Every project of Embrace Nederland, and therefore also Slagkracht, is tailor-made. Every project starts from a general working method based on the many years of experience that Embrace has gained.

Embrace Nederland provides a project leader. It develops the programme and maintains contact with those involved. When a location for Slagkracht is known, we jointly develop a suitable approach for the chosen target group. 

Free access

Embrace Nederland uses trained musicians for the musical guidance. They also bring the drums and sticks for the participants, and to keep the threshold as low as possible, the lessons are free of charge

The group meets for two hours each week in a community center, village hall or other suitable location on a fixed day and time. This for a period of 30 weeks. This can be negotiated and there is also the possibility of a series of short workshops.

A Continuing Legacy

The project does not end when the workshop series is finished. On the contrary. As Embrace Nederland, our ambition is for the project to continue without our presence.

We therefore use the last weeks of the workshop as training. The participants are given the tools to continue working themselves, with the focus on increasing self-confidence and thus self-reliance. In consultation with us, new goals are also set to work towards.

Target groups

Community Centers

Slagkracht started at the beginning of 2022 in the Leeuwarder district of Heechterp-Schieringen and has now expanded to the Vrijheids District. Since then, local residents meet weekly in the community centre, where they play drums together for a few hours. Through this, they get to know each other better.

Young people

After the summer we will also start with groups of young people in Leeuwarden. More information will follow later.

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For Dutch schools it is possible to offer a shortened version of Slagkracht. ISK Leeuwarden recently made use of this offer. All classes of ISK Piter Jelles were given the opportunity to play drums for an hour. This resulted in great interaction between the students.

Learn more

Do you want to know more? Or are you interested in playing the drums? Please contact Mees van den Bergh, project leader at Embrace Nederland. Email: