Grenzeloze Muziek ('Music without Limits')

Grenzeloze Muziek ('Music without Limits')

‘Our goal is to bring different people of different backgrounds together through the power of music making.’

The musicians of Grenzeloze Muziek share and express their different cultural backgrounds, by combining their traditional music with each other in creative ways.

Improviseren, ontmoeten, leren en vooral plezier maken: dat zijn de belangrijkste ingrediënten van de wekelijkse repetities, waar ze samen nieuwe muziek maken. 

Conductor, pianist and workshop leader Sigita Žurauskaitė leads the musical sessions on behalf of Embrace Nederland. 

Participation is free, some experience is an advantage. If it is not possible to bring your own instrument, an instrument may be provided.

The above podcast and the article below have been made about Grenzeloze Muziek. In it, participants talk about the value of the programme.

'Thanks to Grenzeloze Muziek, I have a family again', was one telling reaction. For more information about the project or questions about possible participation, please contact Mees van den Bergh, Project leader social projects