Work at Embrace Nederland

Embrace Nederland wants to encourage professional musicians to expand their careers into the care and welfare sector. It is in these sectors that the use of music produces very valuable results. We are therefore happy to offer space to professional musicians who want to broaden their horizons and to create a portfolio career in the healthcare or social domains. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us.
Our musicians need:
  • To be musically flexible, with improvisation skills
  • To have open and enthusiastic social skills
  • To be flexible
  • Flexibility
  • To be creative
  • To be entrepreneurial

After contacting us, you will be given a short informal introduction to the organization and an audition, where both you and we can decide if we can work together.

This is followed by a two-part general training to introduce you to the methodology of Embrace Nederland and to prepare you for the work in practice. After the first part, there is also a decision moment for you and for us to decide on whether we continue to work together.

For more information you can email us at: