Muzikale Wending

Muzikale Wending

Musical Wending is for formerly homeless people. We visit residential or shelter locations for twenty weeks. The participants have often been through a lot in their lives and can take refuge in making music in this program. The effects we see are that participants become more social, they ask how each other is doing and they listen and watch each other more. Even outside the sessions.

See video below (Dutch only)

For Musical Wending we are currently working together with Wender, the organization that offers help to homeless people in the north of the Netherlands (hence the name!).

A telling response from a supervisor: 'The fun was evident at the residential location. Understanding towards residents increases, their patience improves, the bond of trust grows. It binds employees, provides more job satisfaction and a nice variety. In guidance it is really a different contact. So valuable.'


Photo's: Jaspar Moulijn.