About us

Embrace Nederland uses the power of music to give vulnerable people a better quality of life and creates innovative and exemplary classical music projects for this specific purpose.

Within the Embrace Nederland projects we simultaneously want to enthuse young musicians for new professional perspectives, aside from concert podia. With this goal in mind we create music education projects for pupils and students in primary, secondary and higher education.

We organise music projects for elderly people in care and nursing homes, (lonely) elderly people who live at home, elderly people with dementia and people of all ages with disabilities. We train the care staff and volunteers during the projects so they can continue using music in their care tasks.

Connection with the CityProms Festival

Embrace Nederland originated from the open air classical music festival CityProms in Leeuwarden. Innovative projects and programmes in the care sector, the wellbeing of people and education were very important within the goals of CityProms right from the start.

CityProms’ social branch turned into Stichting CityProms Embrace in 2016. In 2017 that name changed to Embrace Nederland.

All the projects in the care and education sector are performed under Embrace Nederland. The festival and Embrace Nederland are inseparably connected to each other.

As far as possible, we use the CityProms festival as a platform for our activities in the care sector.